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Long-term developments of PJSC "Tyazhpromarmatura" for oil transportation in Republic of Kazakhstan

Reporter: Shkolnikov A.P.

1. Cooperation of PJSC "Tyazhpromarmatura" with Fuel and Energy Complex of Republic of Kazakhstan

In August 2008 Alexin plant PJSC "Tyazhpromarmatura" celebrated 280th anniversary of its foundation. For the last 70 years the plant produces pipeline valves for oil, gas, nuclear energy and other branches of industry and is a leading company of Russian valve building industry.

The plant supplies valves for all major projects dealing with construction of gas and oil pipelines on the territory of Russia and abroad.

Companies of Kazakhstan oil and gas complex are important clients of our plant. Much of the pipelines in the Republic are constructed according to concluded contracts where the use of Alexin valves is specified. These companies are "Kenkijak-Atyrau", "Atasu-Alashan`kou", "Kenkijak-Kumkol`", technological lines of oil pipelines and objects of Fuel and Energy Complex of the country. Today we successfully continue our cooperation.

At the beginning of 2008 ball valves DN 1000 mm PN 100 (Class 600 per API) were supplied for Caspian pipeline Consortium. Production control and acceptance tests were performed by company "Moody International" on the territory of the plant. All the ball valves were delivered in time.

Today we complete delivery of ball valves DN 800 mm, PN 64 (Class 400 per API) for Kazakhstan-China pipeline.

It is necessary to mention that valves for both projects were produced in accordance with the requirements of API Spec 6-D. In addition we took into consideration the particular requirements of the customers.

2. New products of PJSC "Tyazhpromarmatura" for oil industry

Production capacities of PJSC "Tyazhpromarmatura" allow us to satisfy any demand in valves for main hydrocarbons transportation. In 2007 the plant manufactured and supplied more than 1500 large-size pipeline valves DN 700-1400 mm for pipeline companies.

Today the enterprise produces a full range of wedge gate valves for oil pipelines, DN 150-1200 mm PN 16-100 with manual operation, electric actuators or for electric actuators. The gate valves` tightness conforms to grade A per Russian standard. Mounting dimensions of the valves allow to use electric actuators of domestic manufacturers or actuators made according to the requirements of ISO 5210.

The plant constantly expands the range of slide gate valves for oil pipelines and currently manufactures gate valves DN 300-1200 mm PN 16-150. These valves have passed tests for seismic resistance up to 10 points per MSK-64 scale as well as tests for fire resistance per API 6FA. The tests were carried out in independent test centers and were controlled by the customer "SC Ttransneft" and experts of Russian Technical Inspectorate.

Ball valves for oil pipelines take the considerable part in Alexin plant production. Today many operating organizations prefer to install ball valves instead of wedge and slide gate valves. And it is a reasonable decision because ball valves have good advantages including the following:

  • low resistance factor and absence of cavities to collect mechanical impurities of transported medium;
  • unchambered installation of buried ball valves;
  • lower weight comparing to wedge and slide gate valves;
  • smaller volume of digging activities on burying comparing to wedge and slide gate valves.
  • in case of tightness loss of closure or stem gland it is possible to restore it by means of sealing pastes.

Output of ball valves for oil pipelines constantly increases and today the plant manufactures valves DN 50-1200 mm PN 16-100 with electric and manual actuators for aboveground and for buried installation. The ball valves` tightness conforms to grade A.

Alexin ball valves for oil pipelines have passed tests for seismic resistance up to 9 points per MSK-64 scale as well as tests for fire resistance per API 6FA. The tests were carried out in independent test centers and were controlled by the customer "SC Ttransneft" and experts of Russian Technical Inspectorate.
In accordance with customers` requirements ball valves are completed with transition pipes welded and tested at the plant. Pipe material, thickness and weld ends are agreed with the customer.
The buried part of the ball valve is covered with reinforced coating if the valve is intended for buried installation. The coating is agreed with the customer. The technology of covering includes all necessary activities beginning with surface preparation and finishing with quality control and tests. It ensures high quality of the coating.
Engineers of the plant develop and design new products for main oil pipelines.

In 2008 serial production of safety valves DN 200 mm PN 16-25 for oil pipelines with increased flow coefficient 0,6 was started.

Production of air escape valves was mastered. Gate valves for fire-control units (including foam forming solutions) were constructed.

Today check valves for oil pipelines DN up to 1000 mm PN up to 150 are under development and the tests of these valves are started. Next year the plant will start serial production of these products.

Modern sealing materials which allow to improve valves reliability and increase their application are used. With purpose to improve reliability of valves with electric actuators the plant cooperates with leading Russian and foreign manufacturers of electric actuators such as BIFFI, AUMA, Rotork, Tomsk electronic company, Ufa instrument engineering association, Tulaelectroprivod and others.

All the products manufactured by PJSC "Tyazpromarmatura" complies with Russian and international standards. The personnel carry out design and engineering activities which allow to improve service and technological properties as well as reliability of the valves.

3. Quality management system and production modernization

High quality of products manufactured by PJSC "Tyazhpromarmatura" is achieved owing to the fact that the plant meets all the requirements of quality management system which conforms to ISO 9001:2000, applies modern high-precision equipment and closely cooperates with international expert organizations.

The plant was re-equipped, production subdivisions got equipment meeting strict requirements quality of parts furnished.

More than 20 units of metal-cutting equipment were commissioned including machines of German company Doerries. A mixer of continuous operation was purchased and installed. It is intended for making forms and rods by the method of alfa-set-process which allows to reduce labour-intensiveness and founding defects.

Heat drying of forms is introduced, painting equipment is developed for foundry. A production project is being realized. This project deals with designing of high-precision metal-cutting centers which allow to improve the precision of manufactured components.
For the period of the last year the central plant laboratory was equipped with modern facilities. This equipment allows to carry out efficient and qualitative tests.

The plant commissioned five X-ray cameras where X-ray devices SITE-X360 and SITE-X320 and complex digital radiography PHOSPHOMATIC operate. It ensures efficient film free inspection of objects having irregular shapes with complicated access to surfaces under inspection. Software of the complex allows not only to read but also to process and to save received images.

To carry out mechanical tests of metal specimens for impact resistance according to Charpy method with V-shaped cut the plant acquired impact testing machine made by Swiss company Walter-Bai. This equipment allows to test materials for stop valves meeting the requirements of API 6D.It was successfully applied when manufacturing ball valves DN 800 mm for oil pipelines "Atasu-Alashan`kou" and "Kenkijak-Kumkol`".

All-purpose testing machine Instron (made in USA) allows our plant to test materials for tension, compression, bending, shear, adhesion, crack growth, twisting. The machine is equipped with unique video extensometer of B1 class which allows to measure deformation value of any type of specimens.

Stationary combined hardness gage made by company "Indentec" was acquired to measure and to evaluate material hardness. The device allows to carry out measurements in any hardness scale, it has an automatic tests cycle and is able to archive data. Wide range of accessories for different specimens and software allows to measure hardness in accordance with the requirements of ISO, EN and ASTM.

Spectral laboratory applies optical emissive spectrometer ARL to control chemical analysis of carbon and stainless steel as well as copper alloy. The device ensures efficient control of the materials: it takes 30 sec to analyze one sample and that is very important in the conditions of the foundry. Application of this spectrometer allows to correct steel composition while melting and to obtain high-quality steel for manufacturing of balls for ball valves DN 1000-1400 mm.

At the end of my speech I would like to make special mention to the fact that high quality of the product, progressive engineering and technological decisions, huge production potential allow PJSC "Tyazhpromarmatura" to take an active part in oil pipeline projects realization in Republic of Kazakhstan.



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