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New products of PJSC "Tyazhpromarmatura" for transporting the hydrocarbons: leading technical and technological solutions for the industry

Reporter: 1-st Deputy Chief Designer
Kirzhner R.A.

The main objective today for Russian pipeline transporting is provision of reliable, economically effective and eco-friendly deliveries of hydrocarbons to the customers.

The solution of this objective is impossible without modern, highly reliable equipment to be used. Stop valves are one of the key elements for transporting systems, this equipment helps to provide for quick localization of possible accidents or emergency situations.

Our company has been specialized in pipeline valves production for 70 years. During last years the production of the wide range of oil and gas pipeline valves was mastered. However, we keep on work for increasing the nomenclature, as the possibility to buy the various valves in one company allows the customer to optimize his transporting expenditures by reducing his service charges.

And now I would focus your attention on some new products, manufacture of which has been mastered in our company:

Ball valves for the main transport of gas up to DN 700-1400 mm for nominal pressure PN 12.5 MPa.

Development of these valves has been performed in full accordance with requirements of - and API 6D.

On development of these products as a base structure has been taken the structure of serial ball valves with all-welded body which proved to be very reliable during operation. They have passed successfully various tests on testing rigs of PJSC "Gazprom" and fire tests in accordance with standard API 6FA, seismic stability 9 points as per scale MSK-64 and tests in the heat chamber at ambient temperature - 60.

Upon customer request the developed ball valves may be completed with pneudraulical, electrohydraulical, electric or manual actuators.

The valve unit and pneudraulic actuator have been also subjected to modernization.

The main design modifications and development results achieved are as follows:

1. In the valve unit:

  • Installation of stops in the valve unit allowed to prevent the misalignment of valve on actuator replacement on valve cut in the pipeline and thus to provide for full intechangeability of actuators;
  • The reinforcing of body parts retaining the pressure and exposed to strength load has been developed with the blanking process being changed;
  • The geometry has been changed and the reinforcing of neck bolting has been performed;
  • The materials used and geometry of the mounting valve elements with actuator are capable to deliver the maximum torque to the ball under full pressure differential on the valve obturator at working pressure in the actuator cylinder, which provides for reliable performability and prevents from emergency situations;
  • Seat structure has been also changed. The seat has been reinforced in accordance with the pressure increased. Besides, the system of sealant injection to the zone of seat sealing has been modernized. A calibrated tightening and a sealant gluing by anaerobic glue have been mastered;
  • The structure of ball and its production process have been significantly changed. With the purpose of achieving the "A" grade leak-proofness within a wide range of pressures the ball blank has been furnished from steel with increased mechanical properties 295. The design activities intended to reinforce the ball and to improve the hardness have been performed;
  • The structure of the mounting flanges as per ISO 5211 provides for installation of actuators of various manufacturers without using special adapters on the valves;
  • In the stem seal the polyurethane cuffs have been substituted for rubber ones, which provides for higher reliability of stem valve unit;
  • Introduction of -shaped seals made of polyurethane in joint "body-neck" helps to avoid leakages of gas through this joint
  • The process of surface energy modification of sealing elements has been mastered to extend the resource life of the sealing.
  • The valve structure has been provided with anti-static device for the ball;
  • All the treaded connections have been performed with anaerobic glues-sealants improving the reliability of treaded connections

The design structure of sealing seat of valve

Relive of static electricity from the ball valve

2. Modernization of design structure of the actuator with remaining force and torque properties and decreasing weight and sizes has been performed:

  • The scheme of actuator function has been changed: dividing the working cylinders in gas cylinders (providing the valve travel from control unit) and hydraulic ones (providing a smooth travel and valve shutting by means of manual pump). It allowed to avoid the overflowing of hydraulic liquid from the hydraulic cavity to the gas cavity;
  • ptimization of sizes has been made and the cinematic scheme of the actuator has been changed, in particularly the transfer from actuator design with a relieving guide and a plate to actuator design with one rod has been done.

    This allowed the following:
    • to reduce weight and sizes of the actuator to 15-20%;
    • to decrease the volume of filled liquid to 1,5-2 times;
    • to reduce the gas discharge to the environment during valve stroking to 1,5-2 times
  • Slide bearings made of metal-fluoroplastic tape with a lower frictional ratio than of bronze bearings;
  • The process of surface energy modification extending the resource life has been mastered for machining the actuator seals;
  • The binding of the actuator part has been completely changed in connection with the control scheme being changed, which additionally has got the following to its structure:
    • Dielectric enclosures have been inserted to the impulse line binding. The control unit has been completely electrically isolated from the actuator body with all dielectric enclosures being inspected against burst. This allows to prevent from current leakages of cathode protection of the pipelines;
    • We together with Michurinsky Plant "Progress" have developed control units divided in control part and unit of end switches being mounted separately and designed for operation under working pressure PN 12,5 MPa.
  • Disposition of control joints from actuator has been performed from one side of the actuator, which improves significantly its convenient operation and maintenance.
  • Michurinskiy Plant "Progress" produces currently a pilot production batch of control units both for NO and NC versions. Now a pilot sample of ball valve DN 300 with NO actuator has been successfully tested on testing area "Orgenergogas" in Saratov and has been recommended to be put in serial production of NO and NC units.
  • The documentation for fitting out the valve by a Line Break Control (LBC) designed for working pressure 12,5 MPa has been developed;

Schemes of operation of the modernized pneudraulic actuator

According to these design and process solutions the documentation has been developed and a pilot batch has been manufactured of ball valve DN 1000 mm and PN 12.5 MPa which has been successfully testing for acceptance in Saratov by cycling of the complete resource (2000 cycles) with leak-proofness proved as per grade A GOST 9544-93. Besides, we have manufactured and successfully tested ball valves DN 700 and 1400 mm for pressure PN 12.5 MPa.

At present our ball valves above have been included in technical specifications 26-07-1450-96 and have been provided with all permitting documentation required for serial production.

Besides developments of large valves we currently perform developments of small ball valves of small diameters. Activities on ball valves DN 50, 80, 100 mm PN up to 16 MPa have already been implemented.

New design structure of valves allowed to get a range of advantages as follows:

  • stops located inside of the valve allow to replace the actuator without additional adjustment of the position "open- closed";
  • pneudraulic actuator is fitted out with hydraulic brake, which allows to prevent from impact loads and disadjustment of control unit elements;
  • stem design is provided with anti-blowout device decreasing the risk of accidents and allowing to perform routine replacement of stem seal elements without stopping the pipeline;
  • for the case of emergency damages of valve seats a sealant can be supplied to the valve seal;
  • weight and sizes have been improved to more than 1,5-2 times.


Modernization of ball valves DN 50, 80, 100 mm PN up to 16 MPa.


Serial ball valve
39230 - 050
Modernized ball valve
39231 - 050
Length, mm 200 200 292
Height, mm 173 155 155
Weight, kg 12,2 7,8 9
Quantity of original parts, pcs 27 24 24
Quantity of standard parts, pcs 34 6 6

Implementation of a range of activities is currently performed also for oil currying pipeline valves.

A line of wedge gate valves has been extended to DN 1200 mm, gate valves have been developed for firefighting systems (including the solutions of foam formers). The whole line of wedge gate valves has been calculated for seismic stability. Wedge gate valves corresponding to "General technical requirements" of "Transneft" are currently developed. A line of types and sizes also for slide gate valves is being extended- production of gate valves DN 300 and 400 mm for various working pressures has been mastered. We are producing safety valves with increased flow ratio and air escape wedge gate valves.

PJSC "Tyazhpromarmatura" have started with developments and mastering the production of the whole range of check valves with DN up to 1000 mm for petroleum.

These products are designed for automotive shutting the pipelines with the purpose of preventing the reverse flow of working medium in oil and oil product pipelines, in flowsheets of pumping stations and tank farms.

One of the important design solutions has became the disposition of damping device inside of valves, which allows to get the equipment with a line of advantages:

  • Check valves developed correspond to requirements of -75.180.00--274-06 "Transneft".
  • Response time:
    • Quick acting obturators not exceeding 1 second
    • Nonquick acting obturators from 1 to 3 seconds
  • Nonquick acting obturators have been provided with damping device which prevents from impact loads and stabilizes the closure member in end positions.
  • Obturators are full-bored. The coefficient of hydraulic resistance under full opening of the closure member does not exceed 2,5.
  • The seismic stability up to 10 points as per scale MSK-64.


Check valves DN up to 1000 mm

PJSC "Tyazhpromarmatura" perform currently a range of projects with participation of well-known foreign manufacturers of valves and components thereof.

Together with an Italian company "Petro Valves" we implement activities for creating pipeline valves for especially aggressive media, for example, containing increased volumes of hydrogen sulfide. These activities being completed will allow the valve manufacturers to produce valves of high quality in Russia instead of importing these products from abroad.

Together with leading manufacturers of sealing materials the research and testing activities of new modern materials (PEEK, flubon, superfluvix) All this will allow within the nearest time to supply ball valve to the Customers with increased temperature, with increased methanol contents, dietilenglycol.

In conclusion I would like to remind you that the products of Alexin Plant "Tyazhpromarmatura" is well-known for a long time for oil and gas leaders. Our products are successfully operated on oil pipelines BPS, Tayshet+30, KCP, gas pipelines Blue Stream, Yamal-Europe, CRPO-Torzhok, oil product pipeline "Sever". The quality of supplied valves is confirmed not only by numerous feedback from operating organizations, but also by the whole structure of the largest valve building companies of Russia and CIS countries. According to data of "Gasprom" Administration for gas and gas condensate transportation over 47 % from the total quantity of valves operated in Gasprom are made in Alexin Plant, and the quality of our modern ball valves corresponds to the quality of best world samples.




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