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Progressive methods and systematic approach to products` quality maintenance at PJSC "Tyazhpromarmatura" – guarantee of operational reliability of valves

Reporter: Head of Technical
Management Administration
Kluev E.D.


Today it is difficult to envisage a successful enterprise without systematic approach to its management. The most successful in this respect is implementation of quality management systems.

The introduction of existing quality management system of PJSC ‘Tyazhpromarmatura" started at the second half of 1994.

Since 1997 Quality management system of our plant is certified according to international standards ISO 9001 and API Q1.

For the period of the last ten years the effectiveness of QMS was verified by more than thirty audits carried out by different independent certification organizations.

Modern enterprise cannot achieve good technical and economic results if there is no right arrangement of production control at all stages.

However Quality management system of PJSC "Tyazhpromarmatura" is not only products quality control at all stages of production.

In addition to quality control of manufactured products the plant carries out activities to correct and to prevent defects of products and processes. These activities include the following:

  • Monitoring of technological discipline,
  • Internal audits of quality management system,
  • Examination of customers` opinions about products in operation.

All defects occurred while product manufacturing, testing or operating are analyzed and after that preventive measures are worked out.

Organization of Quality director service is constantly improved: new departments are formed, for example, Technical Management Administration and service department.

Most of the products are accepted at the plant by the Customer`s agents. At the plant agents of such inspection organizations as Moody Int, "Vniist-diagnostika" and others inspect fulfillment of requirements of contracts for valve production.

PJSC "Tyazhpromarmatura" develops and manufactures products in accordance with the requirements of international and national standards. The requirements of these standards are to be fulfilled by quality department in respect of testing, equipment and personnel skills.

The examples of realization of principle of constant improvement are purchase of modern equipment (for example, this year one X-ray camera was commissioned and one more is under construction), mastering of new inspection methods, replacement and modernization of old equipment. The main document where all these processes are reflected is a complex plan of PJSC "Tyazhpromarmatura" development for a period of a year.

One of the most important parts of quality control is analysis which comprises chemical, physicochemical and physical testing methods of received materials, units, elements, assembly units and finished products.

This work is carried out by Central Plant Laboratory.

Special attention is paid to equipment of laboratories with modern facilities which allow to carry out efficient and qualitative tests.

Today the plant commissioned five X-ray cameras where X-ray devicesSITE-X360 and SITE-X320 and complex digital radiography PHOSPHOMATIC operate. It ensures efficient film free inspection of objects of irregular shapes with complicated access to surfaces under inspection. This equipment is completed with phosphor plate instead of X-ray films. The image is accumulated in the crystals of the plate. Service life of reusable plate is 60 000 exposures. Software of the complex allows to read, process and to store images.

To carry out mechanical tests of metal specimens for impact resistance according to Ñharpy method with V-shaped cut the plant acquired impact testing machine made by Swiss company Walter-Bai. This equipment allows to test materials for stop valves which meet the requirements of API 6D.It was successfully applied when manufacturing ball valves DN 800 mm for oil pipelines "Atasu-Alashan`kou" and "Kenkijak-Kumkol`".

Two impact testing machines of 2130 KM-0.3 series were modernized. The plant-manufacturer replaced basic units of impact testing machine (hummer cutter, fixing device for back corner of pendulum charging), barriers were produced, measuring microprocessor-based unit POZT was inserted. The result of this modernization is that received data are registered in the analog scale and measuring unit, impact resistance is automatically calculated and the results are sent to printer.

All-purpose testing machine Instron(made in USA), model 3385 H allows our plant to test materials for tension, compression, bending, shear, adhesion, crack growth, twisting. The machine is equipped with unique video extensometer of B1 class which allows to measure deformation value of any type of specimens, complies with the requirements of ASTM E83. The process is controlled by computer.

Stationary combined hardness gage made by company "Indentec", Great Britain, model 8150TK was acquired to measure and to evaluate material hardness. The device allows to carry out measurements in any hardness scale. It has an automatic tests cycle and is able to archive data. Wide range of accessories for different specimens and software allow to measure hardness in accordance with the requirements of ISO, EN and ASTM.

Spectral laboratory applies optical emissive spectrometer ARL (Switzerland, model 3460) to control chemical analysis of carbon and stainless steel as well as copper alloy. The device meets all the requirements of international standards and ensures efficient control of the materials: it takes 30 sec to analyze one sample and that is very important in the conditions of the foundry. Application of this spectrometer allows to correct steel composition while melting and to obtain high-quality steel for manufacturing of balls for ball valves DN 1000-1400 mm.

With the purpose of improvement of cast quality AlphaSet – process for production of casting cores – was introduced into foundry. Introduction of this process allowed to produce one-piece body for slide gate valves intended for pressure 1.6, 2.5, 4.0 MPa. This body had no welding seams and had improved strength and density. Equipment made by company Multiserw Morek (Poland) was acquired for land laboratory. It allowed to test physico-mechanical properties of moulding and core composition.

  • Device for determining of strength properties of moulding mix (compression, tension, bending) type LRuE-2e;
  • Laboratory testing machine type LU-1;
  • Facility for vibratory sealing of samples LUZ-1e.

It allows to carry out efficient and reliable physico-mechanical tests of compositions in a wide measuring range.

The plant acquired 5 mobile devices to inspect surface roughness. They are equipped with graphic displays Sj-201 made by Mitutoy company, Japan. These devices allow to carry out various measurements of Ra Rz Rmax and others and they are used to measure roughness when finishing of sealing surfaces with roughness range Ra 0.2-0.8 micrometers is inspected. This equipment allows to perform efficient and reliable inspection of slide gate surfaces which influence valves leak-proofness and their durability. A device for profilograms decoding was purchased. It allows to visualize real surface profile.

Some sets of visual inspection of welding seams "Konstanta-1" were bought, engineers and technicians were supported by modern universal electronic instruments (verniers, depth gage with limits of effective range 150, 200,300 mm) made by company Mitutoy, Japan.

At the end of the last year our plant acquired portable hardness gage "Konstanta-K5Y" completed with 3 static sensors for testing load equal to 1,5, 10 kg. It measures hardness of sealing surface of slide gates, wedge and body deposition of wegde gate valves according to Brinell, Rokvell, Vikkers. The plant also acquired thickness gage "Konstanta-K6" completed with 2 types of sensors which allow to carry out precise measuring of coating thickness from 0 up to 6000 micrometer. Availability of this equipment ensures constant quality of protective coating of slide gate valves DN 300-1200 mm for main pipelines.

This year, within the bounds of activities for product quality improvement, Quality Director Division arranged and performed a range of activities:

  • Personnel were taught European norms EN 473. 26 people were assessed, it will allow to inspect valve production in accordance with API-6D.
  •  Equipment for surface roughness control before putting reinforced coating Protegol was purchased, it will allow to apply anticorrosive reinforced coatings of higher quality on valves of buried installation.
  • Materials and accessories suppliers are audited to improve quality of supplied products

At the end of my speech I would like to add that production of high quality equipment is a complicated and versatile process. Only a systematic approach to this problem and appliance of the most advanced methods allow to succeed in production of reliable and faultless pipeline valves.



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