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Pipeline valves for the main pipeline transport of hydrocarbons: the outlooks of constructive cooperation between machine building and oil and gas companies

Conference "Pipeline transport"
Reporter: Chief Engineer Dolgov V.V.


As per the data of International Energy Agency the total Russian export of primary energy resources exceeds 480 million tons of petroleum equivalent, which makes about 12% of the world energy export. Russia plays a key role in provision of global energy safety. Also the stability of Russian budget depends significantly on oil and gas industry. In this connection the importance and actuality of the pipeline transporting the hydrocarbons are obvious for the modern Russian economics and politics.

At present the largest Russian and world oil and gas transporting companies focus on environmental safety of activities. Therefore, the main requirement to elements of the pipeline, especially to stop valves, is reliability and absence of failures during operation, since this exactly element shall provide for quick localization of possible failures and emergency situations.

In the year 2005 we had an opportunity to assure of such importance starting the activities on design and mastering the production of slide gate valves for the project "Eastern Siberia- Pacific Ocean" which is currently realized by the company "Transneft".

The requirements being very strict to the project have caused similar requirements to valves at whole. The most valves used for the project ESPO may be considered to be unique: increased working pressures, higher differentials on the obturator (up to 100 bar), with seismic stability up to 10 points as per scale of MSK, severe climatic conditions with all these issues the listing of requirements to slide gate valves is not settled.

Taking into account that the provision of environmental safety of oil pipeline is one of the main objectives we, developing a new line of products, have used the most recent software means for solid parametric designing, which allowed to decrease rapidly the periods of design and to increase significantly the accuracy of strength calculations.

With the purpose of provision of safe operation of slide gate valves in areas with increased seismic danger our plant supported by Central Designing Bureau of Valve Building the associated calculations were made by using a set of programs CAN 2.2 and CANDYN developed in and certified by Russian Technical Supervision. For the first time gate valves DN 1200 mm PN 150 bar have been tested for seismic stability in a unique natural manner on the base of the Strength Research Center of Central Scientific Institute of Machine-building (CNIIMash, Korolev) of Russian Air-space Agency. The representatives of "Transneft", VNIIST, Russian Supervision were attendant on the testing which completed successfully.

The success was caused by a corporate policy of "Transneft" and its management committed to necessity of the best equipment for their facilities from one hand, and by an active and constructive activity of the national machine builders.

Our company started with pipeline valves production during prewar years and today it has gained significant knowledge in this field. At present the company produces serially ball valves up to 1400 mm, slide and wedge gate valves up to 1200 mm, the quantity of which exceeds 3500 units. The engineering and process solutions state a high reliability and failure-free operation of valves.

We have mastered a line of new developments in field of design and technology lately. I would like to focus your attention on the most significant ones:

  • development of a line of slide gate valves for pressure 1.6, 2.5, 4.0, 6.3 MPa up to DN 1200 mm with new process solutions decreasing the weight and sizes and the torques;
  • development of ball valves for pressure 12.5 MPa up to DN 1400 mm with new design solutions of the valve and pneudraulic actuator, which allowed to decrease significantly the weight and the sizes, to rapidly reduce the consumption of gas and to decrease the operation expenditures to 20-30%;
  • surface-energy modification of rubber technical products reducing the friction and extending the life of rubber pars in 3 times, coating of valve parts by epilon;
  • development, furnishing and approval of a special steel for gate valves according to requirements of OTT. Decreasing the harmful substances (sulphur, phosphorus) in the steel allowed to rapidly improve all the mechanical properties (for instance, the average value of strength yield increased to 400 MPa from previously allowed 240 MPa, impact viscosity at 60 C achieved 40 kJ/cm2 as per methods of KCV).
  • mastering the welding processes of transition rings (pups);
  • mastering the processes of anti-corrosive coating on the valves.

The company attaches great importance to quality control of products furnished. Since the year 1997 the quality management system of our company has been certified as per international and national standards ISO 9001 2000, API Q1 (7-th Edition, 2003) and GOST and GOST R ISO 9001 2001.

All our products have been certified by accredited certification centers both national and departmental (in particularly, at present PJSC "Tyazhpromarmatura" has been granted by a certification of III level from "Transsert", "Transneft"). The representatives of departmental acceptance "Transnenft"- VNIIST- Diagnostics have worked in the company for two years.

The products of the company are successfully operated on oil pipelines BPS, Tayshet+30, KCP, pipelines of Blue Stream, Yamal-Europe, CRPC- Torzhok, oil-product pipeline "North". The quality of the valves supplied is confirmed not only by numerous feedback from operating organizations, but also by the whole structure of the largest valve building companies of Russia and CIS countries. According to data of "Gasprom" Administration for gas and gas condensate transportation over 47 % from the total quantity of valves operated in Gasprom are made in Alexin Plant, and the quality of our modern ball valves corresponds to the quality of best world samples.

At present the company implements the supplies of valves for oil pipeline "ESPO", gas pipeline "CEG" and the whole line of other minor projects. We actively prepare for future projects, in particularly for BPS-2.

As per results of the year 2006 we have manufactured and supplied for the needs of Heat-and-Energy Complex over 1200 units of large-scale valves from DN 700-1400 mm including slide gate valves for the first stage of oil pipeline "ESPO", slide gate valves as per standard API-6D for oil pipeline "Kazakhstan-China".

Owing to investigation policy of the company "Oil and Gas Systems" directed to increasing the production capacities and improving the products quality our company has realized several major investigation programs for the recent two years:

  • the blanking production has been completely reconstructed by installing the high-tech equipment of the leading world companies;
  • welding and machining production is currently equipped by new machines;
  • the foundry implements currently the project allowing to increase the production capability up to 20000 tons and to increase the quality of castings, to optimize the structure of product parts.

Regular implementation of these investigation programs allows us to provide completely the global pipeline projects with high quality and reliable valves. And the valves allowing to provide for more eco-friendly safety of the pipelines help to reduce the operating expenditures of the pipeline companies.

In conclusion of my speech I would like to touch upon some issues the solution of which will allow us to tighten the connection of machine building companies and oil and gas companies, to make our cooperation more constructive and mutually beneficial.
It matters for creating modern and actual normative documents governing the requirements of Customers to machine building products.

As concerning the valve manufacturing I would like to appreciate the successful cooperation with "Transneft" which has developed in partnership with VNIIST a range of documents (STT, OTT) determining technical parameters of valves required for this company. I must admit that these requirements are very strict, sometimes exceeding generally accepted requirements. They were caused by exceeding requirements to environmental safety, reliability of oil transporting. The objectives stated by these documents stating such serious challenges in design, process and quality control fields have been successfully solved at present. All our products correspond completely to their requirements. The process itself, I must admit, was not very simple, but very valuable, as it pushed us to develop the structures, processes and quality control. Without our stable contacts to specialists of "Transneft" (department of Chief Mechanician, Service Bureau), without consulting and partnership with specialists of VNIIST and VNIIST-Diagnostics we hardly could achieve these parameters required. Just owing to such continuous and close cooperation between Customer and Manufacturer we could achieve such positive results.

At present our company enjoys great production potential and is ready for provision of Russian oil and gas complex with pipeline valves in the whole range. We are always open to cooperation with all interested organizations, we perform currently activities improving the customer properties of our products, look for quality improving, increasing the reliability and safety of the pipeline valves. Our main priorities remain to be requirements and needs of our Customers.



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