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New developments of PJSC "Tyazhpromarmatura" for main pipeline transport of oil and oil products

Reporter: Chief Engineer
Dolgov V.V.


Dear guests, colleagues, we are glad to welcome you in our seminar which becomes traditional for us. I want to remind ones who did not attend seminar of 2004, that our company was at foundation of valve building and has started production of steel gate valves since the year 1943.

In the years 70 – 80 our company was completely reconstructed, production of large-scale valves (up to DN 1400 mm) was mastered and this specializing remains in the company at present. Now the company numbers about 6000 employees. The company continuous to develop dynamically producing a wide range of products and mastering new nomenclature.

Based on results of the year 2005 our company has produced and manufactured to the Customers the following quantity of large-scale valves for the main transport

  • Slide gate valves:
    DN 1200-800 mm – 131 pcs
    DN 700-350 mm – 112 pcs
  • Ball valves:
    DN 1400-1200 mm – 173 pcs
    DN 1000-500 mm – 867 pcs

I note these figures just to show the company capability to solve practically any kind of objectives in field of main pipeline transport equipment with large-scale valves.

The products of our company are successfully operated on all large pipeline projects of the last years. Among them are Baltic Pipeline System, project "North", "Blue Stream", "Yamal-Europe", Kazakhstan –Chinese Pipeline, Northern-European Pipeline (Nord Stream), Tayshet+30 and many others.

As per the data of International Energy Agency the total Russian export of primary energy resources exceeds 480 million tons of petroleum equivalent, which makes about 12% of the world energy export. Russia plays a key role in provision of global energy safety. Also the stability of Russian budget depends significantly on oil and gas industry. In this connection the importance and actuality of the new pipeline projects for modern Russian economics and policy. First of all the projects ESPO and Northern European Pipeline (Nord Stream) are meant.

We understand how necessary it is to provide Russian and not only Russian heat supply complex with new, reliable pipeline valves, during the two last years our company made great efforts in developing and mastering of a range of products for main pipeline transport.

First of all this is a new line of slide gate valves for PN up to 150 bar which we are ready to supply for the globe project "Eastern Siberia – Pacific Ocean". The company is provided with all technical capabilities required for it. This project has a priority for Russian energy safety and its implementation will require full mobilization of all participants including the suppliers of equipment.

With regard to environmental safety of the pipelines as the main objective on designing the new line of products the most modern software provision (complex of programs "SolidWorks 2005" for solid modeling). The usage of this software complex allows to rapidly decrease the design periods and to significantly increase the quality of strength calculations.

With the aim to assure the operating safety of the slide gate valves designed for areas of seismic instability we together with CKBA have performed proper calculations as per methods agreed with Russian Technical Supervision, Transneft and other inspecting bodies.

Furthermore, in the nearest time we will perform natural tests of gate valve DN 1200 mm PN 150 bar for seismic ability.

The requirements being very strict to the project have caused similar requirements to valves at whole. The most valves used for the project ESPO may be considered to be unique: increased working pressures, higher differentials on the obturator (up to 100 bar), with seismic stability up to 10 points as per scale of MSK, severe climatic conditions – with all these issues the listing of requirements to slide gate valves is not settled. Just clear and constructive cooperation with leading scientific institutions as VNIIST, CKBA, CNIIMash allowed to manufacture valves completely corresponding to requirements and assuring a safe operation of the facility at whole.

In my report I would like to touch upon the details of modernization process of slide gate valve for higher working pressures. Some developments made within the last years allowed to increase the customer properties of the products.
Let me start with modernization process of gate valve elements:

  • we have changed the structure of the gate which allowed to simplify the replacement of damaged elements of the seat directly on site for cutting out the gate valve from the pipeline;
  • the gland has been extended by an additional fire safe element with sealing elements made of thermoextending graphite. A seal of stem entry and bonnet for replacing sealing elements is provided for pressure in the body up to 2.5 MPa;
  • buried part of draining pipeline is transferred to the gate valve body, the above-ground part is made of stainless steel and protected by means of special housing;
  • an additional pointer of slide position allowing to perform a precise adjustment of position on the gate valve welded into the pipe for any kind of actuator;
  • the packing of products has been improved which favorably resulted in good safety of products;
  • we have reviewed and agreed technical specifications, certificates and operating manuals.

In technological relation significant changes have been also made:

  • new testing rigs have been made;
  • activities on quality improvement of rubber products have been implemented by means of surface-energy modification, which allowed to extend the resource life thereof in three times;
  • coating process of protective anti-corrosion layer of buried part has been introduced. The above-ground of product is coated by two-component epoxy polyurethane composition produced in Finnland.

Significant changes and additions have been also made in quality control field of products:

  • additional x-ray control and ultraviolet examination of welding seams and joint connections of branches have been introduced;
  • the volume and the time of accepting-commissioning tests have been extended;
  • acoustic-emission control of body of gate valves during strength tests;
  • the gate valves have passed fire tests;
  • activities are currently performed to prepare for natural tests of seismic stability.

The activities performed allowed to significantly improve the properties of products, to extend surface life up to 30 years and to increase failure free operation by 50 % (from 500 up to 750 cycles).
During development and modernization activities all the requirements of governing documents of "Transneft" were observed.

Besides the gate valves for higher pressure (over 80 bar) we have developed and mastered the production of the whole line of slide gate valves for 16, 25, 40 bar up to DN 1200 mm. The usage of these gate valves will allow us to increase the reliability of operation of process flow systems compared with wedge gate valves.

Besides the activities of slide gate valves for main pipeline transport our company currently implements a project of safety valves- safety valves DN 200 mm PN 16 and 25 bar with increased flow coefficient (up to =0.6). Development of structures is performed along with NPF "CKBA", technical parameters of valves correspond to the best world samples.

At present safety valve DN 200 mm PN 16 bar has been successfully tested on testing rigs in "Energy" (Primorsk) and delivered to "Yurgamish" (Kurgan Region) to pass accepting tests in system of "Transneft". In the shortest time we plan preliminary accepting tests of safety valve DN 200 mm PN 25 bar. A high flow coefficient of these valves allows to rapidly decrease the quantity required of these products (from eight to two pcs.)

There is one more type of valves having good outlooks for transport of oil and oil products- Ball valves. Last year we manufactured and supplied ball valves for DN up to 1000 mm inclusive. The most significant volumes were supplied to Republic of Kazakhstan (in particularly, we had shipped 26 pcs of electrically actuated ball valves DN 800 mm PN 64 bar produced as per API-6D for Kazakhstan-Chinese Pipeline). The ball valves up to DN 1000 mm were supplied in total volumes over 230 pieces.

Production of quality and reliable valves is impossible without continuous renewal of equipment and modernizing the technological processes. The design structure even the best and modern one can be affected by productive failures.

Therefore our company are implementing activities of fitting out our facilities with more precise and productive equipment, optimization of technological processes. All this is intended firstly to improve the quality of the final products and finally to increase the safety of operation on the whole facility.

Due to investment policy of the company "Oil and Gas Systems" within the two last years our company implements several major programs. The company has been significantly re-equipped technically, fitted out with new equipment meeting the highest requirements to quality. Reconstruction of the main workshops is being in process. The blanking production is being fitted out with new equipment, the subdivision of section metal-roll treating has been formed, Italian chain sawing machines and German gas-cutting machines have been purchased and put into production. During this period over 20 units of metal-cutting machines including three machines of DS Technologie were put into service. 4 million Euro have been spent to purchase these three machines. Usage of such modern high precision equipment will allow to increase the production volume and to improve the precision of parts production. As concerns the welding equipment the unique Swedish welding machine of firm "ESAB" was put into production. It is also important to point out the sales of two major investment projects. The first of them relates to metallurgical production. Its main objective is to transform the foundry into high-tech production with the capacity up to 20 tons of casting per year. During the 2 last years in our foundry the bridge cranes were replaced, the knocking-out grate was replaced, the shot blasting chamber to clean the castings was installed, the steel-smelting furnaces were capitally repaired.

An Italian continuous mixer has been purchased and installed to obtain forms and cores as per alpha-set process. This process will allow to reduce rapidly the labour-intensiveness and founding scrap. Heat drying of forms has been mastered, the installing of painting equipment has been finished in the foundry. At present we decide on purchasing a whole complex of equipment including 3 mixers for major, medium and minor castings with transporting and regeneration systems. A successful implementation of this set of activities on steel making production will allow not only to provide for increased needs, but also to improve the quality of final products. The second project is creation of production division of high precision centers of German and Japan production. The purchasing of these machining centers will allow to increase the precision of parts production and finally the quality of the product at whole.

As concerning the present achievements of the plant I must say, that they have been coped due to our forces to retain the main personnel and potential of technical engineering human resources.

Today our plant has capabilities to provide completely the needs of Russian oil-and-gas complex in pipeline valves. We are open for cooperation with all interested organizations; we keep on continuous partnership improving out products, we always look for new solutions aimed to improve the quality and to increase the reliability and safety of pipeline valves. We also would like that at the end of our seminar to give you confidence in our valves and our work on stable improving the structure and processes thereof. The main priority for us have always been the requirements and needs of our customers.



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