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New technologies in production of pipeline valves for main pipelines

Reporter: Chief Technologist
Sandgarten .L.


Since our previous seminar in these two years our products supplied to "Transneft" have been significantly changed. The main pushes to these changes have become "Regulation of incoming inspection" and 08.00-60.30.00--021-1-05. Our technical divisions had to search for new design and process solutions providing requirements stated in these documents.

I want to touch upon some of such solutions:

  1. We have developed methods of repair performance and adjusted repair procedures on replacing the sealing elements of the obturator without the gate valve being cut from the pipeline. We have designed and manufactured process rigging for such activities.
  2. The company has introduced a new method of physical chemical exposure on rubber technical products surface-energy modification

Surface-energy modification- is a process of applying a fluoro- containing active substance on the surface of hard object, which results in creating a special layer of specially oriented molecules 0.4-0.8 mkm in thickness.

This allowed to decrease the frictional ratio, to increase anti-adhesive properties, to decrease gas permeability of material, to increase chemical stability and to increase the stability against aging.

Tests performed in NIIEMI have revealed that the warranty period of rubber technical products was extended to 20 years.
We have developed a schedule of activities on introducing the coating process of reinforced type.


This schedule contains two sections:


  1. Selection and attestation of material.

We have tested various types of coatings in the institute VNIIST and have obtained position conclusions for materials used FRUCS-1000 with primer UP-1000 and PROTEGOL UR-Coating 32-55R. We also along with VNIIST have developed Technical specifications ""External anti-corrosion coating of pipeline valves for the main and process oil pipelines", which have successfully passed an assessment and have been included in register of TU and TT.

  1. Organization of a special subdivision.

At present we have got an approved project. Equipment being introduced into production includes: degreasing chamber, chamber of shot blasting. We currently finish activities on constructing a painting chamber. The equipment for this chamber will be delivered to the factory in June; by July the subdivision will be completely prepared for operation. In the mean time we together with "StroyEngineeringGroup" are applying the coating FRUCS on a temporary subdivision by observing all the requirements of OTT and TU.

For above-ground gate valves the company uses a painting system developed by "TEKNOS" (Finland) which is a two-component epoxy-poyurethane composition.

As a prime coating we use the epoxy primer "Inerta mastic" having a high adhesive property to steel surface, stability to chemical exposure and water. The surface layer is performed by two-component polyurethane paint "TEKNODUR".

This painting system is characterized by complete glossy film withstanding to mechanical loads and environmental exposure including ultraviolet radiation which is very harmful for many paints.
Furthermore, with the purpose of increasing the quality of lacquer coating the company have mastered the painting process of cast blanks, which allows the castings after being shot blasted to be coated by shop primer based on epoxy resin. The coating is applied at latest in 3 hours after shot blasting to prevent surface corrosion. This shop primer is specially designed for protection of steel surfaces cleaned by shot blasting and allows to perform the further treating by means of various paints.

Last seminar we were asked some questions about marking quality of name plates and gate valves transporting and storage. In this view we have implemented a line of activities. All the gate valves are packed in inhibited polyethylene hoses preventing corrosion in internal cavities as well protecting the products from dust, ultraviolet and precipitation. Furthermore, the products are packed now on transporting pallets or crates to prevent from mechanical damages arising during handling. We have substituted aluminium for stainless steel as material for name plates. The marking is implemented by a mechanical manner by means of installation "TELESIS TMP-1700" providing a higher quality

Having achieved certain success we though understand the necessity of further continuous quality improvement and fully intend to face new challenges for increasing good properties of our products. This desire is also expressed in our quality policy which is aimed to continual quality improvement of the manufactured stop valves with the purpose of satisfying the requirements of the customers.



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