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Quality Management System of PJSC "Tyazhpromarmatura"- as guarantee of stop valves reliability in systems of pipeline transport

Reporter: Quality Director
Gaponov V.Iv.


Quality control system of PJSC "Tyazhpromarmatura" products is based on implementation of standard requirements of Quality Management System.

Introduction of international standards of Quality Management System in our company has started since the IInd half-century of the year 1994.

Since 1997 Quality Management System of our company has been certified by international and national bodies as per standards ISO 9001, API Q1 and GOST R ISO 9001.

The standards above determine the control system as a system of requirements to quality (customer requirements, requirements of normative and technical documentation) of products on all stages: contract conclusion, design, purchasing, operating at customer place. As well as quality control of products on all stages of their manufacture starting with incoming inspection of materials, half-products and component products and finishing with shipment of products to the customers.

The base of quality control system is considered to be clearly performing the requirements of normative and technical documentation. These requirements are stated in various documents, for instance: standard procedures (STP), drawings, process instructions and technology processes; professional instructions; labor safety instructions etc.

The sequence of control activities of technical properties is stated in technology processes.

The company implements besides the quality control of products the corrective and preventive actions of product and process nonconformities. Such actions include:

  • check of maintenance procedure,
  • internal and external audits of quality management system, studying the customer feedback about operated products.

All the nonconformities during production, testing and products operating are analyzed and activities on correcting and preventing thereof are developed.

The products are certified in the Certification Center "SC NASTHALL" and in Certification Body "NEFTCERTIKO".

Taking into account the significance of products supplied for facilities of PJSC "Transneft" in the year 2004 our company started activities on products certification in system of "Transsert" on a voluntary basis.

Certification of products is performed in accordance with technical specifications agreed with PJSC "Transneft" and included in register of normative references of the company.

At present PJSC "Tyazhpromarmatura" has got the certificate of the IInd level that it has successfully passed the certification in "ranssert".

With the purpose of implementing requirements of our customers, such as "Transneft" and "Gasprom" the company implements continuous improvement of products quality to assure for observing the requirements of "Incoming Control Regulation", special technical specifications for stop valves. In this view an acoustic-emission method is used developed and introduced along with the company InterUnis. Our company has developed and mastered methods of acoustic-emission control method which allowed to reveal defects of castings and to improve metallurgy process of blanking in the foundry.

The acoustic-emission method (Lel/ Line 32 T (DDM)) AEM is based on registering and analyzing acoustic waves occurring during plastic deformation and disruption (cracking) of objects under control. If AE sources revealed an ultrasonic examination is performed on place of location thereof.

Quality control of products is performed by means of different control methods including non-destructive ones (x-ray, ultrasonic, liquid penetrant) which are performed by specialists of Central Plant Laboratory by means of modern equipment.

In the period from 2004- 2005 the management of our company made significant efforts to re-equip technically the plant laboratory.

Laboratory Equipment adopted Achievments
Nondestructive methods "Extravolt" 420, 450 Allowed to perform x-ray examination of blanks up to 120 mm in thickness.
  Fosfomatic 40 Allowed to perform x-ray examination of joints of various thicknesses Decreases the time of exposure
  Site-x 320 Allowed to perform panoramic x-ray examination up to 67 mm in thickness.
  Epox 4 and standard samples Allowed to perform ultrasonic examination of studs and stems
Mechanical laboratory Manual machine of making notches Manufacture of specimens notched as per Charpy method in accordance with ISO 148 and ASME A 370

The company has trained additionally 20 operators to be engaged in non-destructive examination for different types of control and qualified them as per IInd international level as per NDE. With regard to requirements of "Transneft" to x-ray examination performance we had to purchase and to adopt x-ray apparatus "Extravolt" allowing to perform the blanks up to 120 mm in thickness. We also have reconstructed our x-ray laboratory by introducing manipulators allowing to perform panoramic x-ray examination of body parts.

The company has introduced a complex of digital x-ray examination Fosfomatic 40C fitted out with system of archiving and processing an image on phosphoric plates allowing to process radiograms quickly and with quality and to issue results of x-ray examination. In accordance with requirements of CTT an ultrasonic examination of smooth parts, studs and stems of slide and wedge gate valves was introduced.

According to customer request the welding seams and heat-affected zone shall be tested by liquid penetrant, ultrasonic and z-ray methods before implementing assembling and welding activities.

A subdivision of workshop No 7 is currently prepared for coating activities of reinforced layer requested by our customers. We have purchased equipment and methods of control: spark defectoscope "Korona", adhesive measuring device -50, thickness gauges. We have trained personnel using these devices.

We also plan to purchase profile projector "" 350V and mobile measuring unit of roughness Mitutoyo SJ-201 to control geometry of parts and to measure surface rouphness.

We keep on improving the packing of shipping documentation for the products.

The division of Quality Director Administration includes 426 employees. The personnel are subjected to continuous training and qualification improvement.


At present the personnel of quality division number as follows:

Specialists of visual-measuring control I level 34 empl.
II level 24 empl.

We are also improving the structure of quality division: new departments are introduced, for instance, Technical Regulation Administration and testing center on certifying the products in CDC "Transert".

There are some cases of claims from the customers side besides the generally positive outlooks on quality division work. But the claims tend to decrease dynamically:

2003 13 claims from total 21 products
2004 7 claims from total 17 products
2005 5 claims from total 9 products.


The dynamic above indicates that introduction of new control methods and new equipment are giving positive results.

I must point out the close cooperation of our quality specialists with specialists of organizations implementing quality inspection of products such as "VNIIST- Diagnostics" (products of PJSC "Transneft"), Moody Int. (supplies of ball valves for oil pipeline KCP).

Quality issues are all of strategic importance. The management of our company focuses their activities on close cooperation with the customers of our products and counts on professional dialogue of all interested parties in order to improve continuously the properties of our products.

Specialists of our company are ready to consult you on issues concerning the stop valves operating with the purpose to prevent customer problems during service.

We hope that the products of our company will be in good service on your facilities for a long time.




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