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New Facilities for Production of Pipeline Valves Designed for Nuclear Power Stations

PJSC “Tyazhpromarmatura” has started up the new up to date equipment producing the pipeline valves specially designed for nuclear-power and heat supply engineering. The facilities of workshop No 10 allow to produce annually to 1000 units of special valves in large diameters.

It has taken less than two years to construct and to equip the new manufacturing area. The total investments made in this project amount to over 500 million rubles.

The production of workshop No 10 is of closed cycle and comprises mechanical- assembling shop, welding subdivision, subdivisions of deposit welding and assembling which are fitted out with up to date, highly productive equipment of high precision allowing to produce valves meeting all strict requirements pertaining to products for nuclear power stations.

Six horizontal turning machining centers TREVISAN (Italy), six turning machining centers Gildemeister (Germany), lapping machines Taumelus III (Germany) have been installed in mechanical assembling shop to machine the valves parts. The company has purchased laser marking device “L Designer” to provide for identifying each part of special nuclear valves in accordance with Norms and Rules of nuclear power industry (NR). Total quantity of up to date facilities installed in the workshop is 20 units. The welding subdivision is provided with submerged autowelding center made by Lincoln Electric (USA). The assembling subdivision is fitted out with testing rig (company Ventil (Holland) to test valves 100 to 800 mm in diameter under max pressure up to 100 bars.

Deposit welding subdivision of workshop No 10 is fitted out with equipment allowing to apply top-quality sealing and guiding surfaces on valves parts by means of various methods. PJSC “Tyazhpromarmatura” is the sole company in Russia using the technology of plasma-jet hard-facing by powders based on iron. Wear surfaces of such type are allowed to be applied on valves designed even for the first loop of nuclear power stations, unlike the deposit faces of nickel-based powders which are only allowed to be used in valves just starting with the second loop of station.

PJSC “Tyazhpromarmatura” after being granted the License to produce and to design the pipeline valves for nuclear power stations (2007) has mastered the serial production for nuclear-power engineering. Before launching the new workshop this production had been provided by special subdivision equipped in adherence of all norms and standards governing the nuclear-power engineering.

January 27, 2010


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