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Technology of orbit automatic welding is introduced at PJSC "Tyazhpromarmatura"

PJSC "Tyazhpromarmatura" has introduced technology of orbit automatic welding with flux cored wire in shield gas of joints of transition pups and slide gate valves DN 500-1200 mm applying Russian and foreign equipment. The mastered technology allows to supply pipeline valves with transition pups which make it easier to install products on sites.

Capacity of welding bay is 60 valves per month which means 120 joints DN 500-1200 mm.

The welding seams are controlled by the following methods (the volume of control is 100%):

  • Radiographic control
  • Ultrasonic control
  • Capillary control

Mechanical tests (bending, metallography, static tension) of specimens.

May 14, 2007


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