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Electrical pneumatic control units (έΟΣΣ) give way to valve control units (ΑΣΚ)

Now valve control units (ΑΣΚ) produced by PJSC Michurinsk plant "Progress" will be mounted on our ball valves for non-aggressive natural gas DN 700 mm up to 1400 mm instead of electrical pneumatic control units (έΟΣΣ).
mounting of ΑΣΚ on ball valve body is made by means of six studs M8 completed with six nuts.

Ball valve control unit: ΑΣΚ-1.

  • Control unit ΑΣΚ-1 9Σ5. is intended for remote and local (manual) control of opening and shutting of ball valves DN 150-1400 PN up to 10,0 MPa;
  • The unit is used at sites of gas production and transportation;
  • The unit has explosion-proof level of explosion protection with explosion protection type "explosion-proof cover", marking of explosion protection 2ExdmsllA T3 per GOST R51330.0-99 and it can be installed in highly explosive zones in accordance with GOST R 51330.13-99 and other technical documents which determine applicability of electrical equipment in highly explosive zones. The unit is manufactured in climatic version ΣΥΛ (I) and category of placing per GOST 15150;
  • Ambient temperature in operating conditions: from -55 up to +55°C;
  • Working agent: compressed air technical characteristics of which conforms with class 5 GOST 17433-80 or natural gas per OST 51.40-83;
  • Power of control: 110 V of direct current (in accordance with customers order it is possible to use units with control current 24V); power consumption: not exceeding 20 W.

November 6, 2003


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