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June 19-23, Moscow – International Exposition "Neftegaz-2006"

Invitation to visit stand 73B01 and to take part in conference "Complex support of oil and gas industry. New equipment and services", Moscow, Expocenter, exhibition hall 7, hall 3.

Company "Oil and Gas Systems", which successfully implements Program of complex support of oil and gas industry, invites to get acquainted with the strand which represents new products of leading Russian enterprises being an exclusive distributor of these enterprises in Russian and foreign markets:
PJSC "Tyazhpromarmatura" (Alexin) will exhibit its new products for gas, oil, chemical, energy and other branches of industry including pipeline valves for project ESPO. The company is the largest producer of pipeline valves in Europe, a leader in production of equipment for main pipelines, sites of SC "Transneft" and PJSC "Gazprom".
PJSC "Kurganhimmash" (Kurgan) will introduce equipment for gas and oil fields, which is intended for repair and maintenance of main pipelines, oil tank farms (tanks for oil products, chambers of start-acceptance of means of cleaning and diagnostics of oil pipelines; sectional equipment; separators, electric dehydrators, columns, reactors, heating equipment etc.)
PJSC "Nefteavtomatika" (Ufa) will introduce new solutions in the field of "full-scale automatization of extraction, transportation and preparing of oil". The enterprise is the leading company of metrological service of Russian oil industry and works out methods to improve ecological, industrial safety of companies of Russian Fuel and Energy Complex, to improve reliability of commercial accounting and volume and quality control of extracted, refined and transported raw stock. It works for more than 35 years to automatize sites of Fuel and Energy Complex and to maintain them.
PJSC "Privod" (Lys`va) will introduce products from a wide range of manufactured equipment which are intended for Fuel and Energy turbogenerators, power of which is from 1,5 up to 63 megawatt, hydrogenerators intended for generating electricity at thermal power plants, nuclear power plants and hydroelectric power plants, a wide range of synchronous and anisochronous engines power of which is up to 12,5 megawatt intended for oil extracting and transportation, frequency-controlled gas-transfer aggregates (FCGCA), electric actuators intended for oil and gas transportation, adjustable electric actuators for gas-transfer aggregates.
Enterprises included into Group of Companies "Borets" take part in the Program of Complex Support of Oil and Gas Industry:
LLC "Borets" (Moscow) will introduce models of its new products in the sphere of oil development equipment which include submersible electric centrifugal pumps, gas separators of new generation, supporting components for one screw and centrifugal pumps, submersible asynchronous and gated electric engines, control stations. The stand will present pumps produced according to cord-wood approach of different versions, pumps with removed axial support, constructive solutions concerning modernization of serial pumps into pumps with removed axial support.
LLC "Lemaz" (Lebedyan`) will submit information on serially produced and new pumps: submersible centrifugal pumps ECP intended for oil extraction ; gas separators; ejectors; centrifugal pumps 12HA intended for pumping oil products out of reservoirs; three-plunger pumps of high pressure intended for hydro-testing, RPM and pumping of chemical reagents; vertical double-piston pump of EOP type intended for pumping of oil products. Within the bounds of the exposition the models of new products will be exhibited.
LLC "Lys`va Plant of Oil Machine Building" (Lys`va) will introduce its products and developments in the sphere of submersible electric actuators intended for oil extraction: electric engines, overall dimensions of which are from 103 up to 117 mm, power – from 12 up to 320 kilowatt of different versions including heat-resistant and corrosion-proof; hydro-protectors of different modifications.
LLC "Kurgan Cable Plant" (Kurgan) will introduce models of heat-resistant power cable intended for operation in problem oil wells at temperature from -40°C up to +230°C and others.
LLC "Service Company "Borets" – Centrofors" (Nizhnevartovsk, Muravlenko, Neftejugansk) will introduce with its achievements in supporting of oil companies with complex services on maintaining oil wells with FECP, repair and diagnosis of submersible equipment. The company owns a system of service centers in West Siberia – the main oil-producing region of Russia.
Permanent Customers of the plants-members of the Program of Complex Support of Oil and Gas Industries are: PJSC "Gazprom", PJSC "SC"Transneft", PJSC "Transnefteprodukt", "PJSC "Rosneft", PJSC "TNK-BP" PJSC "Surgutneftegas", PJSC "LUKOIL", JSC OGCC KazStroyService", "Uzbekneftegaz", State Company "Turkmengaz", JSC "Intergaz – Central Asia", PJSC "Tatneft", PJSC "Sibneft", PJSC "NOVATEK", PJSC "Slavneft", PJSC "Beltransgaz" and others.
The products were supplied for the projects: gas pipelines – "Central Asia – Center", "Jamal – Europe", "Zapolyarnoe – Novy Urengoy", "Russia – Turkey", "Ananjev – Izmail", "SRPO – Torzhok", "Pochinki – Izobil`noe", "North-Europe gas pipeline", oil pipelines – "Baltic pipeline system-60", "Kenkijak-Atyrau", "Kazakhstan-China Pipeline", fields – Nahodinsk, East-Tarkosalinsk, Purovsk, Prirazlomny and others.
Quality of supplied products meets the requirements of international standards. The companies make their products in accordance with international standard ISO 9001:2000. Development and designing of the products conforms with System GOST.
All the plants-members of the Program of Complex Support of Oil and Gas Industries supply full range of their products and services satisfying needs of Fuel and Energy Complex enterprises and sites.
Within the bounds of the exposition the conference "COMPLEX SUPPORT OF OIL AND GAS INDUSTRY. NEW EQUIPMENT AND SERVICES" will be held at the stand
June 19, 14.00-14.30 Conference Opening
"Program of Complex Support of Oil and Gas Industries. Participants"

June 20, 14.00-14.30

PJSC "Tyazhpromarmatura"
*"New developments in pipeline valves for main pipelines" – Samsonov A.Y.
*"Perspective technologies and modern methods of designing in production of billets for pipeline valves" – Tsybulaev A.A.
PJSC "Privod"
*"PJSC "Privod" as a member of implementing of modern gas-turbine technologies" – Bazhutin V.A.
*"Products of PJSC "Privod" for oil and gas complex" – Smakharov S.A.
"Oil and Gas Systems" – Center of reservoir manufacturing
*"Calculation and modernization by means of contact elements of stationary coating and floating reservoirs` coatings" – Lomkov I.S.

June 21, 14.00-14.30

Group of Companies "Borets"
LLC "Borets"
*"About perfect installation" – Govberg A.S.
*"Modernization of acting tank farms of centrifugal pumps intended for oil extracting" – Govberg A.S.
*"Submersible installations with gated electric engines, adapted for real operational conditions of oil wells" – Sagalovskiy V.I.
* "Powder products in submersible equipment" – Gerasimov V.V.
*"Products and their manufacturing at plant "Borets" – Erokhin S.A., readers of the supplementary report – Zimin A.A., Shil`man A.Kh.
PJSC "Lemaz"
*"Renewed product mix of pumps ECP and gas separators LLC "LEMAZ"" – Kakovkin S.N.
Service Company "Borets" – "Centrofors"
*"System of services" – Filippov A.V.
LLC "Lys`vaneftemash"
*"New designs, materials applied in submersible electric equipment" – Maltsev A.V.

June 22, 14.00-14.30

PJSC "Nefteavtomatika"
*"Movable test – separator intended for measuring products of oil wells up to 1500 ton/day" – Polyakov G.I.
*"Modernization of turbine expenditure converters" – Shavrin A.M.
*"System of automatization of oil gas and water separator with direct heating" - Khanipo P.I.
*" Moisture gauge for raw oil BOECH" – Poltoratskiy V.M.
*"New solutions in ACS of oil and gas production sites" – Solin Y.A.
*"New software products for production control systems – INGA-OIL AND GAS PRODUCTION" – Kizina I.D.
PJSC "Kurganhimmash"
*"Installations for disposal of oil gas"

During the conference all the guests will be given all necessary information and materials. Admission free.
Information: +7 (495) 411-7757, ext. 72-76


June 19, 2006


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