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Gazprom successfully tests Aleksin city Tyazhpromarmatura Plant ball valves manufactured of standardized blanks produced by the new Sukhodol Press Forging plant

Tyazhpromarmatura JSC ball valves manufactured of half bodies die-forged at the new Sukhodol Plant for Special Heavy Machine Building have successfully passed acceptance field-tests carried out by Saratovorgdiagnostika.

Tyazhpromarmatura JSC has delivered towards testing two ball valves, DN 700 PN 12,5 MPa and DN 1400 PN 12,5 MPa, to Saratov field. Subsequent to the results, the ball valves have been recommended for use on Gazprom OJSC facilities.

Sukhodol-Spetstyazhmash (Sukhodol Press Forging LLC) manufactures and supplies Aleksin city Tyazhpromzrmatura with die-forged half bodies for ball valves with DN varying from 500 up to 1400 mm. The plant applies state-of-the-art technology and multilevel control system with a view to ensuring 100% quality of each part. Successful test completion provides Tyazhpromarmatura JSC an opportunity to use Sukhodol Plant solid die-forged bodies for batch production of ball valves.

“Blanks hot die-forged for us from flat sheets by Sukhodol-Spetstyazhmash” are innovative products with a variety of qualitative advantages over counterparts. Having launched the plant, we have achieved independence from suppliers and we have significantly reduced time of blanks manufacture and delivery. Our customers can be now sure of receiving from Tyazhpromarmatura high quality, robust and safe products just in time. I believe, all these factors are prime benefits of Aleksin Plant, including when manufacturing shutoff valves for gas pipelines under construction, such as Power of Siberia pipeline,” noticed Igor Panchenko, Tyazhpromarmatura JSC Director General.

Andrey Boyko, Head of Investment Project Sukhodol-Spetstyazhmash, emphasized, “Successful completion of Saratov field test indicates the actual launch of batch production of blanks for ball valves on our plant. We have already worked the necessary technology through and now are gaining overall production of die-forged half bodies in accordance with demand of Aleksin Plant and of other domestic pipeline valves manufacturers.

Using knowledge and huge experience of Aleksin city Tyazhpromarmatura Plant and with understanding of our customers’ needs, we suggest the whole valve industry our innovative product – standardized ball valve half body. Key advantages of such product are standardized valve dimensions, and that is vital for buyers. Moreover, the inner surface of the construction remains unchanged, i.e. valve manufacturers do not need to alter their technology. This innovative product provides the key pipeline valve customer – Gazprom OJSC – for independence from specific manufacturer and allows shortening time for pipeline design, construction and repair.”

July 28, 2014


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