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History of JSC "Tyazhpromarmatura"

On the 2nd of August 1728 a gunsmith from Tula Maxim Perfilyevich Mosolov, progenitor of the Mosolovs family, was granted permission to build Myshega "Water Ironworks"

At the end of 1729 Myshega plant produced the first melting. The works smelted metal for sale and produced simple articles, mainly dishes and other household articles.

In the 18th century Myshega plant supplied iron and cast iron for Tula Arms Plant, cast cannons for Russian land forces and navy.

Since the beginning of the 19th century the works started production of art casting.

During the Patriotic War of 1812, the Crimean War of 1853-1856 the works performed the orders of Military Ministry for cannonballs of different caliber, grenades, case-shots and bombs.

At the end of the 19th century the works was expanded and reconstructed. Myshega works became a modern metallurgical plant.

In the period of the First World War the plant switched over to the production of shells, mines and grenades.
After the October Revolution of 1917 and Civil War Myshega plant remained the only acting pipe-casting plant in the central part of Russia. It produced cast-iron pipes for water supply system, hydraulic columns, boxes, break blocks, bearings and other casts for railway transport.

In the second half of 1921 and in the first half of 1922 the plant only performed the order of Kashira Hydropower Station, firstling of Soviet electrification, for special iron-cast pipes and fittings for them.

In 1925 pre-revolutionary outcome of production was improved. By the end of the reconstruction period the plant satisfied 25% demand of the country in water pipes. It took the third place among manufacturers of that product and provided 50% of total country production of fittings for pipes.

Since 1938
- Myshega plant of pipeline valves. Production of pipeline valves was mastered: gate valves DN 100-1600 mm, intended for 2,5-100 atmospheres; check valves for pipelines DN 200-2200 mm; hose valves.

At the beginning of 50s of the 20th century the plant mastered production of plug cocks for gas pipelines DN 50-700 mm, intended for 64 atmospheres.

In 60s of the 20th century production of ball valves DN up to 700 mm was mastered as well as stop and safety valves for Nuclear Power Station.

Since February 1927 Aleksin plant "Tyazhpromarmatura".

In the early 90s the plant "Tyazhpromarmatura" completely mastered production of ball valves with diameter from 50 up to 1400 mm for gas transporting pipelines. Those ball valves meet the requirements of international standards.

In November 1992 the plant was privatized and became a public joint stock company JSC "Tyazhpromarmatura".

In 1997 the plant was one of the fist enterprises which certified its quality management system in accordance with international standard ISO 9001 and obtained the license of American Petroleum Institute per API Spec 6D.

In November 1997 a pilot model of slide gate valve DN 350 mm for oil pipeline was manufactured.

In 2006 the plant developed and mastered production of unique slide gate valves for oil pipeline "East Siberia Pacific Ocean" DN up to 1200 mm and PN up to 15 MPa with seismic resistance up to 10 points per MSK scale. In October 2006 "Tyazhpromarmatura" was granted the "Valve Oscar" number 1 for that project implementing.

In 2008 production of high-technology pipeline valves for Nuclear Power Station was restarted. By the beginning of September the first industrial batch of special valves for nuclear energy sector has been produced nine wedge gate valves DN 150 mm, Working Pressure 11 MPa for Novovoronezhsk Nuclear Power Station.

In 2008 the plant started to develop and to master the full range of check valves intended for automatic shut-off of pipeline DN 300-1200 mm, PN 2,5-12,5 MPa.


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