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Electrohydraulic actuators (EHA) for ball valves
of DN 300–1,400 mm

The plant designed and launched production of a line of electrohydraulic actuators for ball valves of DN from 300 to 1,400 mm.

Various versions of EHA are manufactured:

  • according to climatic conditions: for moderate (ambient temperature from –40° to + 50°) and cold (ambient temperature from –60° to + 40°) weather conditions;
  • command signal voltage: 24 V, 110 V, 220 V;
  • power voltage: 380 V, 220 V;
  • control mode: local and remote;
  • control functions: two-position (remains in the position when de-energized) and single-position ("normally open" or "normally closed");
  • an override is provided.

One of the advantages of EHA manufactured by Tyazhpromarmatura JSC is a lower weight and smaller dimensions compared to electrohydraulic actuators of other manufacturers with the same technical performance.

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