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Check valves for oil and petroleum product lines
of DN 300–1,200 mm PN 8.0–12.5 MPa

The check valves are used to isolate a line so as to prevent fluid backflow in oil and petroleum product pipelines, in process flow of pumping stations and tank farms.

Working fluid may be commercial oil, oils, petroleum products and other non-aggressive liquids with temperature from –15° to +80°.

Check valves are manufactured in various modifications:

  • according to climatic conditions: for moderate (ambient temperature from –40° to +40°) and cold (ambient temperature from –60° to +40°) weather conditions;
  • according to pipe connection: welded (check valves can be supplied with welded transit pipes (adaptors);
  • according to type of installation: above-ground and sub-surface; check valves for sub-surface installation have a special anti-rust coating;
  • seismic resistance to magnitude of up to 10 by MSK-64 scale.

The main advantage of the check valves is a dampener that ensures a non-impact closing.

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