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Wedge Gate Valves

Tyazhpromarmatura JSC manufactures wedge gate valves of DN 100–1,200 mm, PN 1.6–10.0 MPa used as shutoff devices in pipelines to transport:

  • water, steam, oil and liquid non-aggressive petroleum products with temperature up to +300° (for gates of DN 600 mm, PN 2.5 MPa), with temperature up to +425° (for gates made of steel 20L and 20GML), and with temperature up to +565° (for gates made of steel 10H18N9L);
  • natural gas with temperature up to +80°;
  • oil and petroleum products with temperature from –40° to +80°;
  • liquid and gaseous ammonia with temperature from –40° to +150°;
  • fire-extinguishing media including foam-making solutions with temperature up to +80°.

Various versions of wedge gate valves are manufactured:

  • according to pipe connection: welded joints, flange-to-flange joints and mating joints;
  • according to climatic conditions: for moderate (ambient temperature from –40° to +40°), cold (ambient temperature from –60° to +40°) and tropical (ambient temperature from –10° to +50°) weather conditions;
  • according to the type of control: manually or electrically operated;
  • according to type of installation: above-ground and sub-surface (with a strong polymeric rust-resistant coating).

Catalogue of Wedge Gate Valves

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