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Ball Valves

Manufacture of ball valves is one of the major trends in the plant’s operation. The products demonstrated its excellent performance in oil and gas lines, process lines for oil and petroleum products, as well as gas and heat supply systems.

Ball valves passed tests for seismic resistance to earthquake magnitude of up to 9 by the MSK-64 scale, fire resistance according to API Standard 6 FA, and operational tests with –60°.

Tyazhpromarmatura JSC manufactures a wide range of ball valves:

  • for gas, oil and petroleum product lines of nominal diameter DN 50–1,400 mm, PN 1.6–16.0 MPa;
  • for non-aggressive fluids (gas, water, steam) of nominal diameter DN 25–700 mm, PN 2.5 MPa.

Various versions of ball valves are manufactured:

  • according to pipe connection: welded joints, flange-to-flange joints and mating joints;
  • according to climatic conditions: for moderate (ambient temperature from –45° to + 50°) and cold (ambient temperature from –60° to + 45°) weather conditions;
  • according to type of control: air- or air-hydraulically, manually, electrically and electro-hydraulically operated;
  • according to the type of installation: above-ground and sub-surface (with a strong polymeric rust-resistant coating).

On request of Customers the ball valves are supplied with transit pipes (adaptors) and completed with a valve emergency shutoff automatic device (for air-hydraulically operated). Also, they can be manufactured with "normally closed" and "normally open" functions.

Design features and advantages:

  • the body of the ball valves consists of two stamped halves and has a single joint to reduce leak of the fluid to be transported;
  • the seals of the valves are made of elastomeric materials of high wear and erosion resistance;
  • the ball valves have a low hydraulic resistance factor;
  • the ball valves have a lower weight than the slide gate valves;
  • tightness of the ball valves is ensured with both seats pressing the ball;
  • the ball valves have a trunnion ball with the metalfluoroplastic bearings that facilitate valve control;
  • the actuator of the ball valves has an override.

Catalogue of Oil Ball Valves

Catalogue of Gas Ball Valves

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