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Slide Gate Valves

Tyazhpromarmatura JSC manufactures slide gate valves of DN 250–1,200 mm, PN 1.6–15.0 MPa used as shutoff devices in oil pipelines, in process flow of pumping stations and tank farms where fluid temperature varies from –15° to +80°.

Various versions of slide gate valves are manufactured:

  • according to the pipe connection: welded joints, flange-to-flange joints and mating joints;
  • according to climatic conditions: for moderate (ambient temperature from –40° to +40°) and cold (ambient temperature from –60° to +40°) weather conditions;
  • according to the type of control: manually or electrically operated;
  • according to the type of installation: above-ground and sub-surface (with a strong polymeric rust-resistant coating).

On request of Customers the slide gate valves are supplied with transit pipes (adaptors).

Design features and advantages of gate valves:

  • they have a low hydraulic resistance factor;
  • they allow to pass to cleaning and diagnostic devices;
  • relatively low power requirements of the electric actuator;
  • there are no dead zones;
  • provision of spindle stop on moving downward ("open" position);
  • closing seals are made of elastomeric material of high wear and erosion resistance.

Catalogue of Slide Gate Valves

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